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  1. Services to be provide to the customer as declared on the ODYKY website "services" as long as the subscriber paid the corresponding cover fee to ODYKY. Members are not covered 30 days after the expired date of membership.
  2. In case of transfer of ownership of the serviced vehicle, services continue to run for the same vehicle and the new owner, under the same conditions, as long as the specified fees have been paid.
  3. If subscribers change their car's service cover, service will continue for the new car if the subscriber notifies ODYKY in writing of this change of service.
  4. After 30 days from the expiry date of the last subscription, ODYKY has the right not to renew the subscription or, to stop providing its services towards the subscriber (discretionary) by returning the money of the last renewal providing there is no outstanding road service call.
  5. After 30 days from the expiry date of the subscription, if the subscriber wishes to renew his subscription, they will be charged the registration fee.
  6. The paying of the subscription is proven only by a written receipt from ODYKY (or authorized associate, if any) and not by any other means.
  7. The service cannot be taken as entitling the subscriber to ask according to the articles 1 and 2 of the chapter, services from any third party and/or to demand the costs given or promised, to be given to the third party.
  8. ODYKY is not responsible for any damage which may cause other problems or damage to the entitled vehicle (nor to a third party) at the time when the rescue service was given.
  9. ODYKY services do not cover any damage caused directly or indirectly (totally or partially):

    • A war which was declared or undeclared, civil war, invasion, movement from an unknown enemy/opposition, hostilities or attempted, or rebellion, revolution, revolt, military movement or misappropriation of power.
    • Strike, non-strike, uproar, political agitations, riots, terrorist or criminal activities, nor any other instability-causing actions or factors, nor those causing them.
    • Nuclear matters and situations or threats against Cyprus.
    • Withholding any, requiring any, or confiscating of anything required in the process of providing service to any customer(s), nor any factors or damage or destruction resulting after services have been rendered, to any property of a second or thirty party.

  10. ODYKY provides its own experienced technicians, engineers, work service stations and winched vehicles etc. in order to conduct efficient declared services to all customers. ODYKY will always endeavour to use these in the persuit of realising rescues to registered cardholders. ODYKY reserves the right to call-upon, include, use or hire (via monetary consideration or otherwise) at any time.
  11. If the damage to the vehicle can be repaired onsite, ODYKY is not bound to having to remove the car using ODYKY drivers nor staff, driver, nor by a winched vehicle.
  12. ODYKY is not responsible for keeping vehicles safe for a long period of time, over and above the time services accomplished.
  13. If the serviced vehicle is ditched, flooded, moored in water, sea, mud or sand as a result of having flipped, skidding or any other reason, ODYKY will try its best (using all available means and vehicles at its disposal) to retire the vehicle onto safe dryer ground (where available). If for whatever reason, ODYKY is not able to retire said vehicle, ODYKY is not responsible past reasonable expected effort. ODYKY will not be liable for compensating customer under such circumstances also.
  14. Should ODYKY need to assistance or colaboration of a third party in order to execute a rescue, due to unforeseen circumstances, the member is liable for all costs to that 3rd party. ODYKY is not responsible for any damage or loss incurred during transportation.
  15. ODYKY cannot be held responsible for any damage to headlamps, rear lamps or horns.
  16. If roads, passes, motorways, avenues, streets, or any other right of vehicle way are inaccessible due to inclement weather conditions or due to natural disaster, ODYKY is under no obligation to provide rescue services.
  17. If the roads are dangerous because of snow or ice, ODYKY is not obliged to provide roadside assistance service to customers (even if the removal team is able to travel by using snow chains).
  18. If while waiting for the road service team to arrive, the ODYKY member desserts his car, ODYKY will not be held responsible for the loss of any personal things or spare parts from his car.
  19. If the member's vehicle is a pick-up truck, or a van transporting goods of any description, call-out services by ODYKY are at the discretion of ODYKY management. ODYKY is in no way responsible for any cargo/goods carried by the member's vehicle.
  20. ODYKY sets a limit of 3.5 tons in weight as rescueable vehicles.
  21. ODYKY does not accept vehicles over 25 years of age.
  22. Imported vehicles are dated from date of manufacture, and not the date of import into Cyprus.
  23. During the transportation of a serviced vehicle, the ODYKY technician/driver is entitled to service cars of other subscribers that are damaged or, have broken down, they encounter en-route.
  24. If the serviced car is stuck in an underground parking station (where pulling is difficult or impossible), ODYKY is not obliged to help.
  25. ODYKY is not obliged to move other cars, in order to free a members car from its location.
  26. ODYKY is not obliged to fit snow chains to a vehicle of a member.
  27. The cover contract is valid for one year from the date of registration by the member, and can be renewed automatically upon payment of the registration fee.
  28. Any disputes or conflicts arising between members and ODYKY, will be settled by the Cyprus democratic legal system.
  29. Payments for covers, may be made by members-to-be using a valid credit card. Credit card payment is also available through the JCC payment gateway system. Credit cards accepted are VISA & Mastercard. For more information please refer to http://www.jcc.com.cy/Aboutus/tabid/78/Default.aspx A purchase with the name << www.odyky.com >> will appear in your bank statement.
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