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APK Garage Ltd.

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APK Garage Ltd.

The Group of Companies APK was established in 1995. Our personnel is constructed of 40 talented individuals. The Central Offices are found in the Industrial Region of Alambra Cyprus with some of the departments and its companies in a large extent of installations and equipment. We serve a large spectrum of customers which include organizations such as ATIK, KEO, CTC, and EMS Airport. We offer quality services that touch upon the requirements of our customers.

Our Actions Include:

APK Garage Ltd

Our Garage is equipped with the latest technological equipment and suitably educated personnel. We offer services for mechanic support of mechanically-driven vehicles, service and any other mechanical repairs.

APK Power Team

Our Company offers the sale, support, renewal and maintenance of electro generators, specialised batteries, and Photovoltaic, via our specially worked out and highly educated technical personnel

APK Tyres

The Department offers the change and sales of tyres, as well as measuring of wheels

APK Painting/Repairs

The Department which is accommodated in its own space, Repairs, straightens and paints cars.

APK Approved Centre M.O.T.

The Centre is approved from the governmental services and the specifications of the Government; we offer the obligatory services of Mechanic Control.

APK Electronic Department

The Department of electronic support which is unique in Cyprus, with educated personnel, offers services in the electronic sector of vehicles, and any technological category.

APK Repairs of Automatic Transmissions (Gearbox)

This service is particularly specialised, with completely worked out and educated personnel, repairs automatic gearboxes-clutches of cars.

APK Parts

The Department has his own spaces of storage and allocates new and handled Parts from Europe and Japan, for the needs of many cars.

APK Support Team for Competition Cars

The above team is constituted by specially trained personnel and offers complete support for Competition cars/teams involved in competitions and other competitive organisations, collaborating with large organizations abroad such as PRODRIVE, OMP etc.


APK Garage Ltd.

Στοιχεία Επικοινωνίας:

Address:Λεωφόρος Λυμπιών , Βιομηχανική Ζώνη Αλάμπρας,2563 Λευκωσία -Κύπρος
Telephone:+357 22 441160
FAX:+357 22 441158
email: info@apkgarage.com



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